Quality Assurance Framework

The University's Quality Assurance Policy is available here.

The University's Internal Quality Assurance System (ESDP) is described at the Official Government Gazette No 2099.B.08.06.2018

The hellenic quality assurance framework for higher education is regulated by Law No 3374/2005, which established:

  • A framework for quality assurance for higher education aimed at reinforcing the autonomy of higher education institutions (HEIs) whilst ensuring the application of a rigorous and systematic quality assurance process.
  • Relevant procedures and processes.
  • The Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency.

The main purpose of quality assurance in higher education in Greece, as outlined in Law 3374/2005, is “the systematic, documented and detailed evaluation, presentation, recording and critical analysis of the work of HEIs using objective criteria. On the basis of the results of the evaluation, HEIs and the State take the necessary measures to assure and improve the quality of work undertaken by HEIs in view of their mission to provide high quality higher education”.

The framework allows institutions to record, evaluate, analyse and improve the quality of their teaching, research and support functions. At the same time, it supports decision-making at both academic unit (“School”) and institutional level and enables institutions to submit well-argued cases to the State regarding the enhancement of the educational services they provide, through proposals and requests for improvement which are documented as part of the Internal Evaluation process.


Law 4009/2011 introduced accreditation processes regarding accreditation of the Internal Quality Assurance Systems and accreditation of Programmes of Study.