Quality assurance criteria

The quality assurance results at the International Hellenic University are evaluated against the following set of criteria, which were established by Law No 3374/2005 :

  • Programmes of study: namely the extent to which the curriculum meets the academic unit’s objectives and the demands of society, the coherence and applicability of the curriculum, the assessment system, syllabus coordination, the level of support provided by the available educational infrastructure.
  • Teaching: particularly the quality of the teaching process, the efficiency of the teaching staff, the organisation and implementation of teaching tasks, the use of new technologies,the student/teaching staff ratio, the cooperation between students and teaching staff, teaching staff mobility, student mobility, the interrelation between research and teaching, the level of knowledge provided.

  • Research: especially scientific publications, research infrastructure, fostering of research within the framework of the academic unit, originality of research work, acknowledgement of research by third parties, research partnerships, distinctions and awards, student participation in research.
  • All other services: specifically the effectiveness of administrative services, student welfare services, all types of infrastructure, use of new technologies, transparency and efficiency in relation to the management of financial resources as well as in the use of equipment, cooperation with other educational or research institutions in Greece or abroad as well as with other partners in society.

The criteria were further standardised, supplemented and specified through standards and guidelines published by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (HQA) in its "Analysis of quality assurance criteria of academic units"