Internal Evaluation Report

At School level, the responsibility for the implementation of the internal evaluation lies with the relevant School Internal Evaluation Group. It requires the preparation of Annual Internal Reports which are submitted to the University’s Quality Assurance Unit. Completion of the Internal Evaluation process requires the preparation of the Internal Evaluation Report submitted to the Quality Assurance Unit and via the latter to the HQA.

The External Evaluation Process is subsequently activated on the responsibility of the HQA. At institutional level, the University’s Quality Assurance Unit prepares bi-annual reports based on the Annual Internal Reports submitted by the Schools, as well as an internal report every four years.

The Report offers a critical, evaluative self-analysis of the course of implementation of the objectives of the School’s work, positive and negative points arising from the evaluation, as well as measures that need to be taken to meet the objectives set by the School.

The Internal Evaluation Group, appointed by the School’s General Assembly, is also responsible for the coordination of the internal evaluation process and for the preparation of the Internal Evaluation Report. In this respect, it works closely with the Special Evaluation Group (SEG), established for each programme of study. A range of data collected with the collaboration of faculty and students regarding actual and desired levels of quality and the means for their achievement are recorded during this process.The HQA has published “Guidelines for the Internal Evaluation Process”, which can serve as the basis for conducting the process and preparing the Internal Evaluation Report.

Students participate in internal evaluation procedures mainly by completing relevant questionnaires (i.e., Course Evaluation Forms, Exit Questionnaires, etc.) which provide them with the opportunity to give their opinion on the quality of the University’s educational offer. The International Hellenic University greatly values the views of its students and is therefore fully committed to responding to student feedback and to taking appropriate action to resolve any issues raised by students.

The template of the Internal Evaluation Report is available on the HQA website: