Internal Evaluation

The Internal Evaluation is a self-evaluation process which allows each School to review the quality of work accomplished during a specific period and to take an informed view on the quality of its service provision and performance on the basis of specific and objective criteria and generally accepted standards.

It is a periodic process which takes place every four years. Law No 3374/2005 specifies that “the internal evaluation report should be taken into account by all qualified governing bodies involved in decision-making at the academic unit or HEI level”. 

The Internal Evaluation aims to assist Schools to:

  • Present and document their achievements.
  • Identify areas in need of improvement.
  • Develop strategies for improvement.
  • Promote initiatives for action at School level, where possible.
  • Encourage decision-making for independent action at University level, where possible.

The process of internal evaluation is the driving force for academic units and institutions on the path of continuous improvement of their complex work at all levels. It is therefore a collective task requiring the participation of all members of the academic community at all stages of its implementation.