Institutional Evaluation

The process of Institutional Εvaluation and Accreditation of the Internal Quality Assurance System was recently established by the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (HQA). It requires the preparation of the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report periodically (every 4 years) by the institution and its subsequent submission to the HQA. Following the submission of the Report to the HQA, the institution undergoes an external evaluation by a Committee of Independent Experts, whose members are drawn from the Register of Independent External Experts kept by the HQA.
The external evaluation includes a site visit at the end of which the Committee draws up the External Evaluation Report and submits it to the HQA.
Accreditation decision
Following the submission of the External Evaluation Report to the HQA, the HQA Council makes an accreditation decision based on the findings of the Report. The decision could be:

  • Positive,
  • Positive, provided that certain condition are met. In this case, the HQA highlights the accreditation criteria which are not met and a timetable is prescribed during which corrective action must be taken. Once the institution concludes the necessary improvements in order to meet the criteria, it provides an additional report to the HQA in order to review the accreditation decision. The HQA subsequently makes a positive or negative accreditation decision based on the information provided in the additional report. 
  • Negative, In this case, as prescribed by Law 4009/2011, the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs could make a decision to limit State funding to the institution and the number of new students allowed to register on a specific programme or at the institution as a whole.

Accreditation period
The duration of the accreditation decision depends on the programme or the internal quality assurance system. However, it cannot exceed a period of 8 years.
Accreditation Criteria
The accreditation criteria have been prescribed by Law 4009/2011 and have been further supplemented by the HQA. Further information can be found at the following link: Accreditation Criteria.