External Evaluation Report

The external evaluation of the International Hellenic University took place 14-19 December 2015.

The External Evaluation Committee comprised the following members:

  • Professor Diamantis Panagiotopoulos (Chairman), University of Heidelberg
  • Professor Evangelos Dedousis, American University of Dubai
  • Professor Vally Koubi, ETH Zürich and University of Bern
  • Professor Michael Tsianikas, Flinders University of Adelaide

Evaluation decision: the Committee evaluated the University as “Worthy of Merit” which is the highest possible evaluation that an institution can achieve.

The External Evaluation Report is available here.

IHU's Progress Report was submitted to the HQA in July 2018 and is available here. The Report includes actions taken by the University in response to recommendations made by the External Evaluation Committee.

Praise for the University’s internal quality assurance system as noted on the IHU External Evaluation Report by the External Evaluation Committee:

  • p.6: «The positive aspects of the self-evaluation procedure were clearly evident to the EEC».
  • p.6: «There can be no doubt that the objectives of the internal evaluation procedure have been fully met by IHU. This was thoroughly organized and implemented within the framework of the University’s internal system of Quality Assurance».
  • p.21:«The institution has developed a clear policy towards Quality Assurance (QA) and actively promotes its culture. The EEC was impressed by all procedures of the internal evaluation. This constitutes one of the most evident core values of the institution and makes IHU a leading organization in the area of QA within the sector of high education in Greece and abroad. This became evident from the advanced system of internal evaluation available but also through the interviews with all stakeholders».
  • p.24: «The  excellently  implemented  system  of  Quality  Assurance  monitors  and  analyses  the  staff’s research  productivity  and  teaching  performance».
  • p.27:«The meticulously planned and implemented system of Quality Assurance will play a key role in the efforts of the university to gain international recognition and to join academic networks within and beyond the European Higher Education Area».
  • p.27: «The participation of the Quality Assurance team in seminars and conferences…gives the IHU the opportunity and possibility to exchange information about similar academic institutions and develop solutions that improve its operation in terms of research, teaching and administration».
  • p.28: «The IHU’s Quality Assurance system provides an excellent framework for an annual assessment of the study  programmes»
  • p30: «Meticulously organized and implemented internal system of quality assurance based on a solid and effective IT infrastructure».
  • p.34: «Excellent implementation of the Quality Assurance System».