External Evaluation

The External Evaluation process takes place following the completion of the internal evaluation and the submission of the School’s Internal Evaluation Report to the HQA. Law No 3374/2005 specifies that “external evaluation constitutes the second stage of the evaluation process and consists in the critical-analytical examination of the results of the self-evaluation by a committee of independent experts (External Evaluation Committee)”.

It is a regular, objective and independent assessment carried out by external auditors.

The main purpose of the External Evaluation is to:

  • Identify good practice, as well as areas in need of improvement.
  • Document, present and support valid demands by the School at institutional and national level.
  • Identify and promote good practice nationwide.

The External Evaluation Committee (EEC) derives its findings from the Internal Evaluation Report as well as from conclusions drawn during meetings and discussions held during the site visit.

The site visit

The site visit is an integral part of the external evaluation process. It is organised by the HQA, in collaboration with the members of the EEC and the Dean of the School under evaluation.
The purpose of the visit is to assess the accuracy of information and findings included in the Internal Evaluation Report, as well as to further explore and discuss issues identified by the EEC. The EEC scrutinizes four dimensions: approach, implementation, results and improvement. The visit normally takes place over a period of 2 – 3 days at the premises of the School under evaluation.

The External Evaluation Report

The Committee subsequently draws up the External Evaluation Report, which summarises the results of the external evaluation.

The report:

  • Provides an analysis of the findings of the Committee.
  • Identifies areas in need of improvement.
  • Establishes the effectiveness of actions taken by the School to improve the quality of its work.
  • Assesses the School’s overall consistency in pursuing its mission and objectives.
  • Provides recommendations, suggestions and outlines measures that need to be taken to improve quality.

The HQA publishes all External Evaluation Reports on its website.

The template of the External Evaluation Report is available on the HQA website: http://www.adip.gr/data1/Ext_Eval_Report_Template.pdf