Evaluation Process

The quality assurance framework implemented at the Iinternational Hellenic University comprises of the following evaluation processes, which aim at assuring that the standards and quality of the University’s education provision fully adhere to the expectations established by Law and the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (HQA):

  • Annual Evaluation, which takes place annually at School level.
  • Internal (Periodic) Evaluation, which takes places periodically (every 4 years) at School level. It is worth noting that the University’s Quality Assurance Unit also prepares bi-annual reports at institutional level.
  • External Evaluation, which normally takes place shortly after the Internal Evaluation report prepared by the Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) has been submitted to the HQA via the University’s Quality Assurance Unit.

An outline of the full cycle of the evaluation process is provided in the diagram below: