Annual Evaluation

The annual recording and evaluation of work accomplished at School level is systematically assessed and monitored with the help of the Annual Internal Report and the School Data Form. The Report and the School Data From are based on quantitative and qualitative data collected throughout the year.

The Annual Internal Report allows each School to establish a well informed and in-depth view of the complex work that it carries out. More specifically, with the help of the Annual Evaluation process, each School is able to:

  • Monitor, manage and assess the degree to which it meets its goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate the services it provides.
  • Identify areas for improvement.
  • Manage its advancement throughout the years.
  • Assess, revise and redefine the quality of its work.

All School staff take part in the evaluation. Data collection from teaching staff is facilitated by use of Course Specification Forms and Teaching Staff Data Forms. Moreover, student views are paramount in the evaluation process and are therefore actively sought (i.e., through relevant questionnaires) and included in the Report. The systematic collection of reliable data regarding all aspects of the operation of the School must comply with specific quality assurance criteria and standards. The HQA has developed a set of criteria and guidelines which serve as a basis for the development of the report. The collection and recording of such data, as part of the Annual Internal Report, facilitates the daily operation of the School and supports decision-making.

The template of the Annual Internal Report is available in the QAU Information System.

At institutional level, the Quality Assurance Unit prepares a bi-annual Evaluation Report regarding the institution which is largely based on the data included in the Annual Internal Reports submitted by each School during two consecutive years.