Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) is responsible for the comprehensive evaluation of the International Hellenic University and it is essentially the University’s Internal Evaluation Group.

Its organization, responsibilities and membership were established by decision of the International Hellenic University Governing Board.


The QAU has a broad range of responsibilities as prescribed by relevant laws (Law No 3374/2005, Law No 4009/2011) and described in detail in FEK 2099.B.08.06.2018.

In particular, the QAU is responsible for:

  • The overall coordination and support of quality assurance and evaluation procedures at institutional and School level.
  • The development of the International Hellenic University’s internal quality assurance system.
  • The organisation, implementation and continuous enhancement of the University’s internal quality assurance system.
  • Coordinating and supporting evaluation processes at School and other service level.
  • Providing support to external evaluation processes and programme accreditations, as well supporting the institutional quality assurance system, within the framework of principles, guidelines and instructions provided by the HQA.
  • The development of a Quality Assurance Information System that will allow the University to effectively manage data gathered during the evaluation process. This will also allow the systematic monitoring and publishing of the institution’s processes and their outcomes on the QAU website.
  • The bi-annual preparation of internal reports on the University’s progress (based on the Annual Internal Reports of the University’s Schools)
  • The preparation of an Internal Evaluation Report every four years on the overall progress of the institution.
  • The activation of the external evaluation process through submission of the Schools’ Internal Evaluation Reports to the HQA.
  • Cooperating with the HQA on all quality assurance issues.

In addition, the QAU:

  • Disseminates information to the University’s senior management regarding quality assurance trends, perspectives and practices.
  • Decodes the results of evaluations and prepares proposals and plans to institutional decision-making bodies in connection with actions that need to be taken to improve the quality of the University’s educational offer and its other services.
  • Maintains a database of the aggregate data of annual internal evaluations and other evaluations of Schools, programmes and services.
  • Studies and presents the level of student services offered at institutional level (i.e., Library, Careers Office, etc.).
  • Prepares studies on the quality of education and services of the institution, prepared with the input of alumni, employers and other organisations.
  • Uses all means to disseminate practices/ techniques in relation to the improvement of the educational services  and institutional services offered.