Academic Accreditation

Τhe process of academic accreditation of programmes of study in higher education in Greece was established by Law 4009/2011. Responsibility for organising academic accreditation procedures, as well as for the final accreditation decision, lies with the Hellenic Accreditation and Quality Assurance Agency (HQA).
The Academic Accreditation Template has been developed by the HQA and must be submitted as part of the academic accreditation process. Its structure corresponds to the “Accreditation Criteria” prescribed by Article 72 of Law 4009/2011 which include:

  1. The academic character and orientation of the programme.
  2. The learning outcomes and the intended qualifications according to the National Qualifications Framework.
  3. The structure and organisation of the programme.
  4. The quality and effectiveness of academic work.
  5. The appropriateness of qualifications held by academic staff.
  6. The quality of the research work of the academic unit.
  7. The linkage between teaching and research.
  8. The demand of the acquired qualifications by the labour market.
  9. The quality of support services (e.g. Library).

Current programmes:

  • Programmes offered upon publication of Law 4009/2011 are considered accredited until the completion of the evaluation processes prescribed by Law 3374/2005.

New programmes:

  • Are approved by the President in the first instance, upon recommendation of the Deanery and consent of the Governing Board.
  • Are subsequently submitted to the HQA in order to undergo academic accreditation.